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Don't remove old wallpaper, paint over it.

Don't Remove Old Wallpaper—Paint Over It!

Instead of the messy job of removing wallpaper, simply peel off the top layer, then paint over the paper still stuck to the wall. You'll end up with a cloth-wallpaper-effect.

When I moved into an old townhouse years ago, I was horrified by the bathroom. The garish, floral wallpaper in was enough to make you blind. Worse still removing this old paper proved to be extra difficult. Maybe the old owners had used crazy glue...

Instead of removing the old wallpaper, I came up with a new technique. I painted over the wallpaper with a faux texture that ended up looking sophisticated and elegant. Here's how you can paint over your wallpaper instead of removing it.

Peel Off the Top Layer of Wallpaper

It's easy to remove the top layer of any wallpaper since this portion--the beautiful print--isn't actually glued directly to the wall. Using a utility knife, scrape the top corner, then remove the wallpaper carefully away.

I didn't have any problem removing the wallpaper's top layer. If you do, however, skip this step and instead paint the whole wallpaper with water-based primer, which looks like white paint and will create an excellent base for painting a faux pattern over your papered wall.

Paint a Faux Finish Pattern Over Your Wallpaper

Since I didn't remove my wallpaper in its entirety, I now had a layer of rough paper glued to the wall. I painted a base color (sandy hue) over it. Next, I used a sea sponge which I dabbed in three colors, then pressed to the wall. (Here's my article on the easiest faux painting technique.)

The Result

Because I painted over the paper portion of the wallpaper, the painted wall looked like cloth wallpaper. It was a far more sophisticated look than mere painting could have achieved.

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