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Modern dining room decorating ideas
Decorating Ideas for
Dining Room Glamour
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#4. Create Roman Pillars

The glamour of roman pillars can be achieved on a budget if you make your own Roman pillars. Go to the lumber section of your home improvement store. Look for profiled rods, wood poles with glamorous decor, like etched lines. Buy seven poles to make one Roman pillar for your dining room. Tie them together in a bundle using gold curtain tie-backs. Place your home-made Roman pillars in your dining room corners for affordable, glamorous decor.

#5. Dining Room Glamour by Opposites

Even simple, modern decor can be glamorous by contrasting opposites for effect. In a pristine, small dining room for two, green chairs create a dramatic contrast, and the modern, metal flower bouquet creates a chic centerpiece that introduces glamour into this simple dining room.

The essence of glamour lies in choosing a pattern and filling the room with it to the brim. This consistency creates an atmosphere if purpose, and purpose stems from planning and thought, sisters of glamour and elegance.

So choose your own decorating style and establish order in the chaos of possibilities, and end up with a glamorous dining room that suits your home and lifestyle.

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