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Dining Room
Furniture Placement Ideas

Furniture placement can add glamour and beauty to your dining room, while creating the illusion that the room is larger.

Though the conventional way of centering your dining room table at the center of the room is the most frequently used furniture placement--it is not necessarily the best.

when a dining room leads to an open living room or to a kitchen entryway, furniture placement should not only create a beautiful space but easy accessibility to the other place, as well as a harmonious visual link between all visible spaces.

Placing the dining room chairs and table at a straight angle to the walls may block the entryway into the kitchen, or it may create too wide a space between the furniture and the open living room. In such a case dining room furniture placement in diagonal lines can add beauty and functionality to the room.

In the featured dining room, the angled table has cleared the kitchen entryway of the obstacle of chairs. Now access to the kitchen is easy, while the diagonal dining room furniture placement has added beauty and interest to the room.

The living room which opens to the dining room now links to this space in a visually beautiful way. A simple change in the dining room furniture placement has changed the two rooms completely, making the dining room more beautiful, and establishing spatial harmony with the living room beyond.

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