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Decorating My Living Room
With Slipcovers
With 4 pets, it’s no wonder my living room sofas and armchairs were looking dingy. I thought of sewing a sofa slipcover or creating a slipcover out of blankets, but the effect was cheap and ugly. But I didn’t know where to begin with decorating a whole room with slipcovers.

How to choose the right slipcovers for my lifestyle and home decor? How to measure for my slipcovers to make sure I get the right ones? How do I find the same slipcover for all my different furniture items? And if I do, will it look too busy and boring?

Worse still, I was worried about what I should do when I get the slipcovers to ensure that I can return them if I don’t like the results?

Interior decorating with slipcovers has its challenges if you are seeking to create a custom, elegant look. Here’s what I learned from the experience of decorating my living room with slipcovers.

I hope the pictures inspire you to try some affordable interior decorating with slipcovers on your old living room furniture.

Choosing the Slipcovers

I started by visiting a few online stores that offer slipcovers. I found an elegant French slipcover I liked, so I checked the measurements of my love seat and arm chair against the measurements of that slipcover. Luckily there was a match.

I made sure not to accidentally look at T-cushions, as my living room furniture wouldn’t fit these. Sadly, I couldn’t find any wing chair slipcover in that set. I decided to keep looking.

I then came across the English country slipcovers you see in the photos. I liked them but wasn’t sure they would fit my living room decor or lifestyle. What if they stained easily? What if the fabrics looked gaudy in real life?

I asked a friend to give his opinion, and he liked them too, so I read about the product by googling the name and looking at the product description on several websites. I learned that this slipcover is pet-friendly, which was music to my ears. I then made sure that the store had slipcovers for all my types of furniture.

In fact, they didn’t, but another store had the missing item (wing chair slipcover) and the accent pillows. I decided to place the order with the store that offered the best price (with shipping included), and made sure that returns were possible.

What to Do About Ottoman Covers?

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Slipcover makeover before picture
Before my slipcover makeover
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