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Decorate a modern living room

Decorate a Modern Living Room

Young people especially love to decorate their home with a modern living room. And, luckily, this is a very easy decorating style to achieve.

In many ways, a modern living room harkens back to a 1970’s decorating style, although today’s interpretations are cleaner and cozier. Here’s a handful of ideas for decorating a modern living room in your own home.

What Sort of Furniture Works in a Modern Living Room?

The motto of modern decor is comfort. It’s no surprise, therefore, that most people decorate their modern living room with a sectional sofa. In addition to comfort, a sectional sofa comes in right angles, especially an L-shape, which is so perfect for a modern living room.

There’s intimacy as well as comfort in a sectional sofa, as you and your loved one can lie on opposing sides with your heads meeting. However, if you already have an ordinary sofa but simply want to fit it in with your modern living room, then consider buying a solid Jeans slipcover for it, perhaps in white, black or blue.

What Sort of Arm Chair Should You Include in a Modern Living room?

Of course, a metal arm chair looks great in a modern living room. The contrast with the upholstery of the sofa is refreshing. The metal design comes in straight angles that fit well into a modern living room. And the idea of metal furniture in itself is very modern.

But you can also complement your modern living room with an Adirondack garden chair made of wood. Even a bean bag can add playfulness to your modern living room without costing you a fortune.

How to Fashion a Coffee Table for Your Modern living Room?

You don’t have to buy a new coffee table. Instead, simply saw the legs of your table to the height of between 20 to 30 inches. This will bring your table way down, for a chic modern look.

Next, paint your table in black, to imitate a dark pool. This will give your table a predominantly modern look.

Complete your Modern Living Room with Modern Accessories

You’ll find charming modern decorating pillows at home stores. Choose something with geometrical shapes or solid accent colors.

Next, look for table lamps with a glass or ceramic base that looks modern. To save money, you can also replace the lampshades on your existing table lamps and achieve the look of modern lamps on the cheap.

Finally, buy a shag carpet that feels plush under your feet. Spread it at the center of your modern living room, with plenty of room for stretching on the rug and relaxing.

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