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Decorate your dining room with a wing chair

Decorate Your Dining Room with a Wing Chair

I decorated my dining room by covering an old wing chair with a beautiful slipcover. Then I raised the legs of the chair and my decorating project was complete!

One of my favorite dining room decorating projects involves an ancient wing chair and slipcovers that match my living room.

It all began when I bought slipcovers for my living room. I realized that I could also buy a matching slipcover for the wing chair I was storing in the basement. The chair had a good frame, but the upholstery didn’t go with anything in my home.

And yet, I realized that I could decorate my dining room beautifully with this wing chair. And my husband was sure to love having a sort of throne at the head of the table instead of an ordinary dining room chair.
Decorating your dining room with a wing chair

There were only two steps involved in decorating my dining room with this wing chair. First I had to double the height of the chair legs because the originals positioned the chair too low in relation to the dining room table. Next, I covered the chair with a slipcover. Here’s what you need to know to decorate your dining room in the same way.

Find a Wing Chair for Decorating Your Dining

If you don’t have an old wing chair, look for one at a garage sale, thrift store or furniture outlet store. Don’t worry about the condition of the upholstery on the chair. You can always shampoo it at home, then cover the old upholstery with a new slipcover.

Find a Slipcover for Decorating Your Dining Room

I found this stunning slipcover at on online outlet. It cost $22, though I believe the original price was higher. I also bought matching pillow that goes perfectly with the slipcover, to complete my dining room decor elegance.

Consider the Height of Your Wing Chair

Your wing chair might be too high or too low for sitting comfortably at your dining room table. If too high, simply remove the legs. If too low, simply glue wood blocks under the existing legs. I’m sure if you visit a home improvement store you can find blocks that will match the existing legs. And you can always stain the wooden blocks to match the chair.

Alternatively, you can always unscrew the existing legs and simply glue a two blocks of wood one on top of the other. This will give you matching, wing chair elevations.

Position Your Wing Chair

To get the full effect of decorating my dining room with a wing chair, I placed the chair at the back of the room, so it faces front. Now the beautiful, luxurious wing chair is the first item that catches my eye when I glance at the dining room.

And since my dining room opens to the living room, the identical slipcovers in both rooms tie the two spaces together. In short, decorating my dining room with a wing chair not only decorated that space, but established harmony in the decor across my first floor.

Questions? Comments? Drop me a line.
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