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Customizing towel racks yourself
Customizing Towel Racks
to Blend Decor with Comfort

If your bathroom accessories match each other, customizing towel racks offers you a perfect way to blend your decor needs with your comfort requirements. Shortening or lengthening a towel rack is easy due to a little quirk in the design of towel racks. Though them seem solidly built once installed, towel rack arms come separate from the towel rack rod.

This enables manufacturers to use the same parts to construct various products, from toilet role hangers to face towel ring. If you look at your matching bathroom accessories, you’ll find that all the arms look the same because, in fact, they are the same.

To customize your towel rack, therefore, all you need is a replacement rod which you can make yourself depending on the style of towel rack you are altering.

To customize a metal towel rack, you can cut the rod to shorten it, using a steel cutting saw blade in your electric saw or a metal cutting hand saw. To make the towel rack rod longer, you’d do best to look for a matching rod among metal curtain rods.

Begin by taking the towel rack you wish to customize off the wall. Once you remove the towel rack arms, the rod will slip out. Take it with you to a home decor or home improvement store. In the curtain rod isle, look for a rod that will match your existing towel rack rod as closely as possible, and make sure the diameter is identical. You can shorten this rod to your desired towel rack customization using the metal cutting blades mentioned above.

To customize a wood towel rack, the job is easier and cheaper. Once more, you will find that the towel rack arms separate from the rod once you take the towel rack off the wall.

To shorten the rod simply cut it to the desired size. To lengthen it, take the towel rack rod with you to your home improvement store and go to the wood or molding isle. Look for dowel sticks and find one in the diameter you need. Cut the dowel down to the customized towel rack size you desire.
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