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Creating a dining nook from unwanted furniture

Create a Dining Nook from
Unwanted Furniture

How I created two different dining nooks, once from a picnic table and once from a garage sale table.

When my neighbor threw away her old garden picnic table, I created my first dining nook for no money at all. It was a charming, picnic table kitchen dining nook that looked great in my white kitchen. Here’s what I did. (And afterwards I'll talk about my second dining nook creation.)

Painting My Dining Nook

After leaving the picnic table to dry in the summer sun, I painted it in water-based primer to cover any flaws. This way I didn’t have to sand the old table. Once the primer dried (it looks like white paint), I painted the table in glossy latex red. The result was a charming dining nook.

Decorating My Dining Nook

Next I wanted to tie my red dining nook (picnic table) to my white kitchen. I went to the fabric store and looked for a fabric with red flowers on a white background.

Once I found something perfect, I sewed a long seat cushion for each bench (which I stuffed with thick foam). To close the cushion covers I used Velcro because it seemed easiest.

After this, I looked for wicker placemats, and I set three on either side of the table, in a line. Then I set my dining nook with bright orange, blue and white ceramic plates.

At the center of my kitchen dining nook (a/k/a picnic table) I placed a blue ceramic jug, and I cut sage from my garden to display in it; a fragrant and beautiful plant which also came in handy when I was cooking.

Adding A Few Final Touches

I didn’t want to block the view from my window with a heavy curtain, so I did two things. I placed the dining nook table and benches at a right angle to the window, so that while we sat the window would be to our side. This seemed to make the window more prominent.

Next, I bought sheer red curtains for the window. I hung the curtains a little to the side of the window, to minimize blocking the view. In this way, the curtains added color to my kitchen nook and tied everything together without overcrowding the space.

My Small Apartment Kitchen Nook

When I moved to a small apartment after relocating to a new state, I wanted to create a kitchen nook again, but I had no room for the large picnic table. I found a small office desk for $5 at a garage sale. I then visited an unfinished furniture store and bought four chairs for the table. I painted everything in white and—Presto! I had my kitchen dining nook.

Then I decorated my kitchen nook with some of the same items I had used before: wicker placemats, bright porcelain plates and fun greenery at the center of the table.

Questions? Comments? Drop me a line.
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