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Create Hallway Wall Art Cheaply
Buying hallway wall art is expensive because you have to buy a set of matching pictures to hang all down your hallway. In my home I have a long stairway and a dark narrow hallway, both of which could use beautiful hallway wall art.

The answer? I created hallway wall art cheaply using old calendar prints. In the picture above you can see the example of my stairway wall art (and here's my narrow hallway art).

Here are the steps for making your own wall art cheaply for hallways or any other area of your home where you want to hang a set of matching wall art.

#1. Which Calendar Prints to Use?

I recommend using floral pencil or water-colors, because these create a shabby chic country feel that works well with this wall art craft. You can get great deals on last year's calendars, but really even current calendars are very cheap.

#2. What You'll Need for This Craft

At a craft store buy simple wood frames for each of the prints you wish to turn into wall art. Also buy white paint and a second paint color in which you'd like to paint your frames. Finally, buy a paint brush and sandpaper. I used semi-gloss latex paint (the kind you use to paint your house).

#3. Paint the Frames

Paint the frames in white and wait for the paint to dry. Next, paint the frames in your second color (green, lilac, blue... whichever pleases you). Once dry, sand the top paint off in narrow strips around the edges of the frame, to reveal the white.

#4. Turn the Prints into Wall Art

Dilute 1/2 a cup of the paint your used for your frames using water. You want to end up with a watery, hazy hue. Brush your prints with this veneer to cloud the image.

#5. Frame Your Hallway Wall Art

Once dry, frame the prints then hang them in your hallway in a row.

Questions? Comments? Drop me a line.
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