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Create Flower Window Boxes

Flower window boxes are a perfect way to add beauty outside your home, but also inside--by creating a floral view from your windows.

By simply planting tall flowers in your window boxes, you can add a floral view to any room. Moreover, by interspersing silk flowers with your natural plants, you can have flower window boxes that bloom year round.

So consider spending one afternoon installing flower window boxes beneath the main windows of your home. This small investment of time and money, will add great beauty to your life.

Selecting the Right Flower Window Boxes:

Like all beautiful things, flower window boxes should follow some symmetry guidelines. To begin with, if you have three windows on the front of your house, don’t hang a flower window box just on one. All three should get a flower window box to keep a symmetrical look.

In addition, the size of your windows should dictate the size of the flower window boxes you choose. Ideally the two will be close in size. However, if you are buying ready-made flower window boxes, you might have to be flexible about the size. Therefore, choose boxes that are either the same size or smaller than your window.

Plastic vs. Wood Flower Window Boxes:

Plastic flower window boxes are cheaper and hardier, but they are less attractive. Consider instead either making your own flower window boxes out of wood or buying ready made wooden window boxes.

Be sure to paint the boxes with weatherproof paint or stain, to guard them from the elements. It’s a good idea to use a paint that acts as a beautiful accent to the exterior colors of your home. For example, paint the flower window boxes with the same color as your front door.

It’s very important to line the inside of your flower window boxes with plastic, to protect the wood from the soil and water. Take a heavy duty garbage bag and staple it along the inside walls, until your flower window boxes look all black or white on the inside.

Planting Your Flower Window Boxes:

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