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Create 5 Different
Home Decorating Chalkboards

You can create a decorative chalkboard for every room in your home, by starting with a little chalkboard paint.

Create a country menu for your dining room, or a decorative chalkboard message center for your kitchen. Use chalkboard paint to transform old picture frames into an idea center for your office, or a doodling corner next to the toilet. Even your home's entryway can be graced with a decorative chalkboard for hanging keys and leaving messages. It’s easy and fun.

Just follow the simple instructions for five ways to decorate with chalkboard paint.

#1. Kitchen Message Center:

Begin with an old shelf or door that you can cut down to the size you wish your kitchen message center to be. Or buy a plank of wood at your local home improvement store.

Apply chalkboard paint to half the wood, and magnetic paint primer to the other half, following the manufacturers instructions. When the magnetic primer is dry, paint over it with a beautiful bright color, like purple, red or blue.

Finally, buy small magnets at your local craft store and glue them to chalk sticks and a wiper, to hold them in place on the magnetic side of your decorative chalkboard message center.

#2. Home Office Idea Board

Begin by collecting old picture frames in whatever sizes, shapes and colors you find.

Next paint all the frames with the same color, or a combination of matching colors like purples and pinks.

Now cut plywood to fit into each frame using the wood cutting services at your local home improvement store, or look for small wood slabs at your local crafts store.

Paint all the plywood pieces with chalkboard paint, following the manufacturers instructions.

Once dry, insert your chalkboards into the frames and hang them in a group without spaces between each decorative chalkboard, so as to form the patter of a latticed window.

Hang a small box below to hold your chalks and wiper.

#3. Dining Room Chalkboard Menu

Begin by choosing a picture frame from an old painting, or buying a cheap picture frame at the store.

Next cut plywood to a size that would fit your frame (your local home improvement store offers wood cutting services).

Apply a thin coat of chalkboard paint to the plywood and the frame, following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Once dry, decorate the chalkboard frame with vines or flowers, then scribble a menu on the board, or draw a wine bottle and glasses.

Use several pastel colors for added beauty and look for inspiration on goggle images, by searching for: Restaurant chalkboard menu.

#4. Toilet Doodling Board

For an Elegant Toilet:

Buy six cheap hand-mirrors. Next paint the mirrors with chalkboard paint. No need to protect the handles, as you will paint them next.

Once the chalkboard paint is dry, cover it with painter’s tape and paint the handles with crackle finish spray paint. Hang your decorative chalkboards in the pattern of petals on a flower, with the handles facing out.

For a Kids' Toilet:

If you have an old, unused toilet seat, bring it out for this project, or buy the cheapest toilet seat sold at your local home improvement store.

Paint the toilet seat and cover with chalkboard paint, following the manufacturers instructions. Hang this whimsical decorative chalkboard beside the toilet, with the lid open and ready for doodling. And hang a small box of chalks inside the chalkboard toilet hole.
#5. Entryway Chalkboard with a Key Holder

At the wood section of your local home improvement store, choose a thick plank of lumber that’s around a foot wide.

Use the store cutting services to cut the plank to a two to three foot length, depending on the height of your entryway. Stop also at the hardware center and choose hooks for your keys.

Next, using painter’s tape protect a two inch border around the edges, before you paint the center with chalkboard paint. Once the chalkboard is dry, protect its edges with painter’s tape and paint the border in a dark, contrasting color, like burgundy or hunter green.

Finally, drill holes to screw in your hooks. Hang a chalk with a rough string from the top of this decorative chalkboard.

Questions? Comments? Drop me a line.

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