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Butterfly Home Decorating Ideas
From silk butterflies that hover at your windows, to butterfly shawls and Japanese parasols, butterfly decorating is as much fun to create as it is to experience.

The grace and iridescent colors of butterflies can add whimsical glamour to your home decor. And without spending a fortune on new slipcovers or expensive art, butterfly decorations can give your winter rooms a touch of sunny summer. So take a moment to discover the flighty ways in which butterfly decor can add alluring beauty to your home.

#1. Decorate Your Furniture with Butterfly Silk Shawls

Unlike cotton and wool, silk will capture the iridescent glamour of real butterflies. Decorating your sofa, love seat or arm chairs with butterfly silk shawls is easy and will turn drab winter upholstery into light butterfly decoration. You can find cheap butterfly shawls online. Look for shawls with large butterflies and long fringes that can drape over the back of chairs and sofas, adding beautiful decor to their plain upholstered backs.

#2. Decorate Side Tables with Silk Butterflies and Painted Sea Shells

Increase the whimsical beauty of your butterfly decor by spray painting sea shells in a rainbow of colors. Spray paint pinks, then gently over-spray a segments with purples, then silver and blue. In this way you can impart the beauty of butterfly wings to the sea shell pedestal your butterfly alights on. Increase the whimsy of this butterfly decoration by suspending butterflies from bronze candle hooks overhead.

#3. Hang Japanese Butterfly Parasols Upside Down from Your Ceiling

Add graceful butterfly decorations to any room by hanging Japanese butterfly parasols from the ceiling, suspended by their handles and mushrooming above like clouds of colored wind. Cluster all the handles together to create a giant ball of butterfly parasols and suspend it from your dining room ceiling. Or hang a few butterfly parasols in disarray, as if the wind had just caught them and trapped them in mid-air.

#4. Decorate Your Window Frames with Silk Butterflies

Silk butterflies look quite realistic and will decorate a window to look as if butterflies are hovering between its curtains. Hang your butterfly decor on fishing wire that will seem invisible. Your butterfly decorations will move with the breeze adding to the illusion of live butterflies.

#5. Add Butterfly Decor to Your Household Plants

Alight silk butterflies on indoor plants, tying them in place with green sewing thread that will not damage the leaves and stems. For silk plants, adhere the butterflies with a dab of crazy glue. And for your deck and porch plants, wrap your butterfly decor in craft wire for extra hold against rain and wind.

#6. Add Butterfly Decor to Candles

Add silk butterflies to candelabras and iron candle holders, alighting your butterfly decor atop your candles. Juxtapose yellow butterfly decorations with purple candles; or iridescent green butterfly decor with tea light candles floating in a bowl of green colored water.

#7. Hang Butterfly Wind Chimes Outside Your Bedroom Window

Wake up to the music of wind chimes by hanging a butterfly wind chime from the eaves outside your bedroom window. Or decorate your bathroom with this whimsical butterfly decor, hanging the butterfly wind chimes just inside the water stream of your shower, so that running water will play the chimes for you as you bathe.

#8. Make the Most of Butterfly Wall Decor

Butterfly wall decor comes in a thousand shapes and styles. Decorate your walls with mounted silk butterflies, or butterfly prints on silk and rattan. Frame the pages of old butterfly calendars to create your own, affordable butterfly wall decor. And glue silks and velvets into a collage of butterflies against rice paper, then mount your creation in a wooden, glass-less frame.

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