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building a walk in closet

Building a Walk-in Closet

If you have the space, building a walk-in closet is relatively easy and cheap.

What You'll Need to Build a Walk-in Closet:

You can find everything you need to build a walk-in closet at a home improvement store.

* Cheap shelf support brackets (with or without rod support, depending on your preference).

* Wood shelving (planks).

* Laser guide

* Level

* Wood screws to connect the shelves to the brackets

* Toggle bolts to connect the brackets to the wall

* Closet rod (optional, if you wish to hang garments in your walk-in closet)

* Measuring tape
building a walk-in closet

Planning How to Build Your Walk-in Closet

Before you start building your walk-in closet, take a moment to map it out. Measure the width and height of the walls and determine how many shelves you can fit in and at what distance from each other.

If you want to save money when building your walk-in closet, space your shelves wide apart. Fewer shelves means fewer materials.

How to build a walk-in closet

Installing the Shelf Support Brackets Necessary for Building a Walk-in Closet

Use a laser guide to locate electrical wires in the wall. This way, you can avoid drilling into a live wire, with terrible consequences.

I used three shelf support brackets per shelf. With the laser guide I marked three spots on the wall, at more or less equal distances, where I can install the shelf support brackets.

Using the level I made sure that the height of my marks was equal, so that the shelf will be straight.

I then drilled holes and attached each shelf support bracket with toggle bolts. When building a walk-in closet, toggle bolts will ensure that your shelf can support more weight (than mere screws would allow).


If you end up drilling into a beam instead of drywall, you won't need toggle bolts. 2.5 inch wood screws will be quite sufficient.

Building a Walk-in Closet

Finish Building Your Walk-in Closet

Attach the shelves to the shelf support brackets using wood screws.

If you're using shelf support brackets that come with rod support, make sure the distance between the brackets doesn't exceed the length of the rod you intend to hang there.

Questions? Comments? Drop me a line.

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