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Building a folding laundry cart with wheels
Building a Folding Laundry Cart
with Wheels

Building a folding laundry cart involves three important parts: the frame, the laundry bag and the wheels. For a small master bathroom like mine, building a folding laundry cart with wheels seemed like the only solution to my laundry woes.  
The available space was too narrow for the open cart, but a folding laundry cart could easily squeeze into position. And so it does, and the laundry bag I sewed fits inside the frame, while the added caster wheels add functionality. Here are the steps for building my folding laundry cart.

The Items Needed for Building This Folding Laundry Cart with Wheels:

* Four 33 inch long bamboo poles.
* Two 17 inch long bamboo poles.
* Two 13 inch long bamboo poles.
* Two Steel pins.
* Hole saw drill bit in a diameter equal to the bamboo poles.
* Drill.
* 2 squares of Fabric, 24 inches by 24 inches.
* Matching ribbon.
* Velcro.
* Caster wheels.

Step 1: Building the folding laundry legs

Lay two 33 inch long bamboo poles to form a cross. Drill a hole between them and insert one steel pin. Make sure the hole is wide enough to permit the poles to open and close. The lip of the pin will keep it from falling out. Repeat this step for the other two long bamboo poles to create a second cross. These are the legs of the folding laundry cart you are building.

Step 2: Building the folding laundry frame

Using the hole saw drill bit drill holes into the 17 inch long bamboo poles without penetrating the other side. Place the holes 1 inch from the right and left on the length side. Now connect the crossed legs into a closed square by slipping the one end of the legs into the 4 drilled holes. Next, drill holes at the bottom of the cross legs to insert the 13 inch long bamboo poles. Tip: Use glue to seal the connectors in place.

Step 3: Inserting wheels into the folding laundry cart (Optional)

To easily wheel your laundry cart around, drill holes at the base of the crossed legs for four caster wheels. Secure the wheels with glue for added strength.

Step 4: Sewing the bottom belt strap

At this point there’s nothing to keep the folding laundry cart legs from splaying open completely. Using the fabric ribbon, you can either tie a loop between the two legs to create a stop-belt. Or you can sew it using Velcro, so as to be able to take the strap off for washing in future.

Step 5: Sewing the laundry bag

When building a folding laundry cart you must have a soft laundry bag that can tolerate the folding but that can also expand full of laundry when necessary. Use a strong fabric that blends with your bathroom decor. You can even use old large towels or bathrobes. Cut the fabric into 2 squares 24 inches by 24 inches.
Sew the squares together then slip into the sewing laundry cart frame. Now see where the handles should be added to the bag, to hang it off the frame sides. Sew a set of two ribbons at each bag corner, then tie a knot and hang over the frame handles.
How to build a folding laundry cart with wheels
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