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Build Simple Cabinet Shelves with Shelf Pin Holes
Build Simple Cabinet Shelves
Or Closet Shelves
Easy to Build, Illuminated Shelves

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but for 5 years my kitchen pots cabinet had no cabinet shelves. The pots were piled one on top of the other, and getting a pot out would always cause an avalanche. It turned out that putting cabinet shelves in took less than 10 minutes.

I then added closet shelves in my dresser, and completed the project by adding motion activated lights. In hindsight, I can’t believe I waited so long to organize my cabinet and dresser with simple shelves.

To build your own closet shelves or cabinet shelves you’ll need:

* Measuring Tape
* Angle shelf supports in the diameter that fits your cabinet dowel holes (shelf pin holes).
* Wood shelves to fit the size of your cabinet or dresser.
* A drill (if you don’t have pre-drilled shelf pin holes) in your cabinet or dresser.

Here’s how to make your easy cabinet shelves or dresser shelves:

Step #1:

Decide how many shelves you’d like to build in your cabinet or dresser. If, like me, you’ll be placing pots on the cabinet shelf, make sure the space between them is large enough to accommodate your items. It’s a good idea to create different spaces between the closet shelves; this way you can have room for low and tall items.

Step #2:

Take measurements for your cabinet shelves or closet shelves. For the length take measurements at the top, middle and bottom of the cabinet or closet, then go with the smallest number (you’ll be surprised how many cabinets and closets aren’t perfectly symmetrical). For the depth measurement, measure on both sides of the closet or cabinet and go with the smallest.

Step #3:

If your closet or cabinet already has shelf pin holes drilled at both sides, take a measurement of the hole size. Even better, take a little play-doh and press it against the hole, to form a circular mark of the size of the shelf pin hole. If you don’t have pre-drilled holes, you’ll have to drill them yourself based on the angle shelf supports you’ll end up buying.

Step #4:

At the hardware section of you home improvement store (were the nails and screws are), look for Angle Shelf Supports. Typically kitchen cabinets require 5mm supports. Buy metal brackets rather than plastic, and compare the diameter of the insert to your play-doh imprint. If you’re going to drill shelf pin holes yourself, make sure you have a drill bit to match the size of the angle shelf supports you buy.

Step #5:

At the lumber section of your home improvement store buy wood planks and use the store’s cutting services to cut it to the desired length of your cabinet shelves or closet shelves.

Step #6:

Drill the shelf pin holes if you don’t have them. Otherwise, slip the angle shelf supports in and hang your cabinet shelves or closet shelves. It’s that simple.

Step #7:

To illuminated your cabinet shelves or closet shelves, buy motion activated wireless LED lights (like those from Pelion Lights). Hang them in your closet or cabinet to be activated when you open the door.

Comments? Questions? Drop me a line.
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