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Decorative Foam

Budget Home Decorating with Decorative Foam

I recently discovered a new budget home decorating tool. It’s called decorative foam and it replaces old-fashioned, costly woodworking or stonework.

If you want to decorate your home with crown molding, for example, you can achieve the same high-end look and feel of wood carved molding without the expense. Decorative foam actually looks like the real thing.
Decorating with decorative foam 

You can also cover an interior or exterior wall with stucco foam or stonework. Once again decorative foam looks like old-fashioned, labor-intensive stone or stucco when in fact it is a layer of foam textured to imitate the decorating look we seek but on a smaller budget.

Finally, I love the look of decorative foams in place of wallpaper, for covering an ugly stained wall. If there’s mildew on the wall, however, it’s important to first wash the wall with bleach to disinfect it.
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Budget Home Decorating with Decorative Foam 
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