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Budget Breathtaking
Window Decorating Ideas
The effect is breathtaking. Window decorating that incorporates sheer fabrics, embroidery, and sunlight will completely change a drab window. And it doesn’t have to eat up your decorating budget or involve hours of tedious sewing. Breathtaking window decoration can be made on a budget from fashion items that were never designed to decorate windows at all.

Budget Window Decorating with an Embroidered Indian Shawl

Made from sheer rayon, an embroidered Indian shawl can create the illusion of hovering flowers, vines and peacocks when used as window decoration. That’s because sunlight bleaches away the sheer fabric, making it seem almost invisible as it decorates the window with a faded patina.

In the picture accompanying this article, just such a shawl was used for window decorating. No sewing or nailing were necessary. This breathtaking window decoration was achieved by simply hanging the edges of an embroidered Indian shawl over the valance of the blind.

Budget Window Decorating with an Indian Sari

Exotic and luxurious, an Indian sari makes a stunning window decoration, and you can find affordable saris online. Simply drape the Sari over the valance of your blind, or by installing two curtain tie-backs at the top sides of your window. Festoon the sari over the top of the window for an elegant window decorating idea.

Budget Window Decorating with a Flamenco Shawl

Blazing with colors and patterns, a flamenco shawl with a gracefully long fringe is an ideal budget window decoration. Look for a cheap flamenco shawl online, and match the color of your choice to your room’s decor.
Decorate your window with the added illusion of size by hanging the triangular flamenco shawl 5 inches higher than your window frame. Sunlight will stream through the long fringe, and the upturned triangle will lend exotic chic to your window decorating.

Budget Window Decorating with a Plus-Sized Silk Skirt

Visit your local Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls, Ross or other outlet and search for enormous silk skirts. Though too large to wear, plus sized silk skirts can make stunning budget window decorating. Tuck the waist of the skirt into the frame of the blind, or nail it over the window in the absence of a blind.

Next decorate the window by fanning the skirt upward and nailing the ends at the top corners of the window. Increase the beauty of this window decoration by fanning the top layer of fabric higher than the bottom one.

Budget Window Decorating with a Chiffon Scarf

More sheer than silk or rayon, a chiffon scarf is ideal for budget window decorating. Look for a chiffon scarf rich in floral patterns and hues of purples and blues, and decorate your window by tying three chiffon scarves together.

Place the knots at each edge of the valance of your blind, or nail them into the wall in the absence of a blind. To heighten the beauty of your window decoration, make sure the side scarves are draping over the window pane, with sunlight streaming through them.
If your window is very large, increase the length of your budget window decorating by adding more identical scarves. No sewing is necessary, for the knots add chic to your window decoration.

Budget Window Decorating with Old Door Knobs

Turning old door knobs into curtain tie backs is a stunning idea. Especially beautiful are antique door knobs, or even door knobs earlier than the 1980's. When you remove a door knob from a door, you'll find that the knob comes loose of the remaining hardware.

To turn a door knob into a curtain tie back, you'll need both the door knob and the round or rectangular plate that attached to the door beneath the knob. Simply glue the knob to this plate, then use the holes in the plate to attach the door knob to the wall beside the curtain. Then drape the curtains over the knob to festoon them away from the window.

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