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Basement floor molding installation
Basement Floor Molding
Installation Ideas
Basement remodeling with before-and-after pictures

With a basement cement foundation, installing flooring, floor molding and even carpet can be tricky.

When I moved into my old house, the carpet was a dark, olive green. If carpet could talk, mine was screaming for a basement remodel.

I replaced the carpet with the cheapest Berber carpet I could find. I then installed the carpet over the basement cement foundation. The carpet was glued to the cement to keep it in place. And now, my basement remodel was ready for the fun part--the floor molding installation.

Because the carpet now extended up the wall, simply installing floor molding where the floor met the wall was going to look funny. To resolve this basement floor molding problem, I decided to install a double layer of floor molding. The first line of basement floor molding would sit where floor molding usually sits, the second line would sit where the carpet met the wall, that is where the cement basement foundation ended.

I cut the molding at 45 degree angles to form the corners and wrap around the entryway to the game room. Where the floor molding came up against a wall or the fireplace, I cut the molding in a straight, 90 degree angle. To wrap around electrical outlets, I cut the molding to create a space for the socket. I then cut a thin slice of molding to fit under and over the electrical outlet, to meet the floor molding on both sides.

Since the cement foundation extended far higher on one side of the basement, I painted that stretch of foundation in a dark shade that matched the carpet. I added floor molding all around, and at the point where the high foundation ended.

I remodeled the fireplace using a simple faux painting technique that gave a fresh look to the soot-covered bricks. I also covered the old wood trim that once decorated the top of the fireplace, but now look outdated and ugly. I used plywood and a faux painting technique to create the illusion that the wall continued over the fireplace as well. Read more about my fireplace remodel.

As for the remodel of my basement decor and furniture, I used slipcovers that I found on Overstock. Jeans slipcovers were chic, and a blue slipcover for my armchair create a beautiful contrast. I then bought fabric to match my carpet, and I sewed cases to coat my old pillows in colors that would match my new basement decor.

Hope my basement remodel gives you a few ideas for yours.

Questions? Comments? Drop me a line.
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