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Create Privacy Window Treatments
With Bamboo Blinds
Add bamboo blinds behind your ordinary blinds, for a luxurious layer of privacy window treatments. 

I discovered this beautiful privacy window treatment idea by accident. I loved the beauty of bamboo blinds and ordered four for my living room. I soon realized what should have been obvious to me from the start--that at night bamboo blinds become entirely see-through. So much for getting privacy out of my window treatments...

But with neighbors facing our house, I needed a privacy solution for my window treatments, but I didn't want to throw away my brand-new, beautiful bamboo blinds.

It occurred to me to install external wood blinds over the bamboo blinds. Since the bamboo blinds were installed inside the window frame, I took new measurements outside the frame for my 2" wood blinds.

The result was stunning. I now keep the bamboo blinds down most times, and only open or close the external wood blinds. During the day, no one can see through the bamboo privacy blinds, and yet sunshine still penetrates. Wood blinds alone  would not have provided as much privacy window cover. At night, I close the wood blinds and have complete privacy again.

To achieve this look, begin by Install bamboo window treatments inside your window frame. (As an aside, I have found that the best deals on blinds are to be found in online stores).

You can keep the bamboo window treatments down at all times, if your window faces the street. The bamboo blinds will give you complete privacy during the day, without blocking out all the light or view of the outside world. If your window is facing a garden, however, raise the bamboo window treatments half way during the day. This will create an stunning look.

Next, install wood window treatments over your window. Be sure to order valances with the wood blinds. Take careful measurements if you have two adjacent windows, so the outside wood window treatments will have room to hang side by side.

In addition, take into consideration that the first inch directly around a window is a metal frame concealed beneath the plaster and paint, so don’t plane on inserting your screws in this area.

Keep the wood window treatments down at all times, but open them during the day. This way the bamboo window treatments will show underneath the wood blinds for an elegant look that still lets in light and the view of the outside world. Close the wood blinds over the bamboo window treatments when its dark outside, to create complete privacy.

The layered look of bamboo window treatments and wood blinds is elegant and breathtaking. It will add sophistication to the decor of your room, while adding functionality to your bamboo window treatments.

So if you like the look of bamboo blinds, go ahead and get them, now that you know how to have privacy even with bamboo window treatments. The results will take your breath away.

Comments? Questions? Drop me a line.

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