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The Art of Choosing and
Hanging Linen Wallpaper

The art of choosing and hanging linen wallpaper is in the fabric.  Unlike ordinary wallpaper, linen wallpaper will impart a soothing texture and appeal to a bedroom or dining room that ordinary wallpaper can only mimic. For linen wallpaper is made of the very patterns that please the eye so, and is often ornamented with real embroidery and woven threads.

For a chic modern look, or an Asian serene decor, consider hanging linen wallpaper instead of painting the wall. Here’s what you need to know about choosing and hanging linen wallpaper.

#1. Choosing Linen Wallpaper

A great way to start your search for linen wallpaper is with Phillip Jeffries. Whether you buy from them or not, you’ll be able to see their gallery of linen wallpapers and get a feel for the decor they would suit. They seem a bit pricey to me, but they offer a mine of information on the subject of choosing and hanging linen wallpaper.

#2. Hanging Linen Wallpaper

Hanging linen wallpaper is a little different than ordinary wallpaper. You’ll want to measure the length and width of your walls and multiply the figures to arrive at the amount of wallpaper you need, then add 10% to allow for trimming (which I’ll explain in a bit).

Make sure to cover the floor where you work with something thick, like cardboard boxes, so when you trim the linen wallpaper you won’t damage the floor.

Use a sharp utility knife (or even a razor blade) to trim the linen wallpaper. Trim each section to the length of the wall, then trim both sides to remove the frayed edges. Use a metal ruler along the edge to keep your cuts straight.

After you glue a strip of linen wallpaper make sure to protect the edge with painter’s tape to avoid staining the edge with seeping glue from the next strip of linen wallpaper.

Avoid using too much glue for fear of seeping past the protective back and soiling the linen wallpaper.

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