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 making home decor from my dying Valentine's Day roses

After Valentine's Day Decorating Ideas

Making Home Decor from My Dying Valentine’s Day Bouquet

I love getting a bouquet of roses for Valentine’s Day, but it breaks my heart to throw the flowers away after only a week. Then, years ago, I learned a trick for turning my dying Valentine’s Day flowers into home decor.

Drying Your Valentine’s Day Roses

he first thing you want to do is dry your roses and so preserve them permanently. As soon as you see the heads of the flowers starting to droop, take your bouquet out of the water. Bundle it together with a rubber band at the bottom. Then hang your Valentine’s Day roses upside down in a dark (dry) space.

I like to hang the flowers on a clothes hanger in my closet. You can use your pantry or under-the-stairs closet. Just be sure that the area is not humid.
Within three weeks your roses will have dried. Take them down gingerly, so as not to crumble the leaves or petals with your touch. Now, it’s time to make home decor out of your dry Valentine’s Day bouquet.

Ideas for Making Home Decor out of Dry Valentine’s Day Roses

On my piano I have a lovely flower jug, which I picked up at a dollar store three years ago. The jug has roses painted on its front, which makes it ideal for this home decorating craft. All I had to do to create home decor from my Valentine’s Day flowers was slip the dry roses in the jug. And, presto! I had instant, stunning decor.

I also like the idea of cutting the dry rose heads off their stalks (though leave a ¼ inch stalk behind). Next, I pierce the heads into a florist’s sponge (Oasis) until I cover it completely. I then conceal the foam in a teacup so only the rose heads peek out. Another fun way to use this home decorating idea is to pin the rose heads into a fragrant soap bar. Then display it on a soap dish in your bathroom.

Once I tied a bouquet of dry Valentine’s Day roses with a thick lace ribbon. Then I simply nailed the bouquet to the wall. The next year, I created a second bouquet and hung it upside down beside the first. This home decor idea has a shabby chic feel to it.

You can display your dry roses in antique vessels, which you can find at antique stores for just a few dollars. Remember that just tying a silk ribbon around a glass or pewter jug can make them look like an elegant vase, perfect for your Valentine’s Day dry roses.
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