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A small living room makeover that makes a big difference (after image)
A Small Living Room Makeover that Makes a Big Difference
A smart living room makeover combines beauty with comfort. So when the time came to give my living room a small makeover, I didn’t want to get rid of the ugliest piece of furniture in it. Why?

Because my husband’s recliner was luxuriously comfortable. Instead, with a slipcover and a little paint, I redecorated my living room corner completely, and the rest of the room now looks beautiful too.  

I Blended the Shelves into the Wall

Book shelves add sophistication to a living room, but mine seemed to crowd the corner behind my recliner. I decided to paint the shelves to match the color of the wall behind them. This small makeover idea completely changed the room by blending the shelves into the space.

To paint over the stained mahogany shelves I first primed them with water-based primer, which looks like white paint. Next, I painted them with latex paint (the same as my wall). Since I executed this small living room makeover in winter, I painted the shelves indoors. (Painting outside left the shelves wet for days.) I used a cheap roll of painter’s tarp to protect the floor. And I kept an air filter working beside me to eliminate paint fumes.
A small living room makeover that makes a big difference (before image)

I Covered my Old Recliner with a Slipcover

After measuring the width and height of my old recliner, I visited as well as other online stores which I discovered by goggling: “Recliner Slipcover” and “Recliner Slipcover Sale”.

I found a huge selection of recliner slipcovers for my small living room makeover. I made sure the slipcover would fit the width and height of my recliner, and I chose a stretch fabric that resembled conventional upholstery.

I knew that this kind of slipcover would look more like real upholstery because it will fit perfectly while mimicking typical fabrics used on recliners. In addition, this bland slipcover didn’t clash with the rest of the furniture in my living room.


By changing two small things in my living room I gave it a complete makeover. The ugliest corner received a facelift that lightened its color spectrum and left it looking sophisticated and inviting. Now my living room sitting corner is as beautiful as it is comfortable.
Painting my shelves in a lighter color
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