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6 Wall Decorations
You Can Make Yourself
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#4. Cloth Wall Artwork

At your local fabric store, choose a fabric that looks beautiful enough to be turned into wall decor. Buy enough to wrap over a rectangle of plywood.
Some fabrics are wider than others, and this will dictate the size of your wall decor.

Spread the fabric face-down on a clean surface and place the plywood over it.
Spread glue along the edges of the plywood and fold the fabric over. Use painter’s tape to stick the folds to the wood and stretch the fabric or your wall artwork will look sloppy.

Create a similar frame to the one described above, using an accent fabric, or choose an ordinary wooden frame. Either way, this wall decor will be striking.

#5. Closeup Photography

Closeup photography of even everyday objects can create gorgeous wall artwork.

Snap closeup photographs of frozen blades of grass, fallen autumn leaves, pebbles in a river, or even mundane objects like a whisk or strainer. Just be sure to use high resolution settings on your camera, to ensure high-quality when the photograph is enlarged to form your wall decor.

You can also play around with taking black-and-white or sepia photographs for variety. Kinko’s or your local Wolf Camera Store can enlarge the photograph to the desired size for your wall decor.

Complete this wall artwork with a modern picture frame and hang it in an office.

#6. Abstract Driftwood Sculpture

This wall decor has three-dimensional depth.
Begin by collecting broken branches of different width and height, then strip the bark off with a pocket knife.
Condition the bare branches with pre-stain wood conditioner, then paint them with a selection of wood stain hues.

Your wall artwork will look more whimsical depending on how many colors you choose. And remember that the more layers of stain you apply, the more pronounced the color will be.

For an elegant wall decor, apply at least three coatings of stain. While for a more casual wall decor, use clear stain on some of the sticks.

When the sticks are dry, drill two holes at the top and bottom of each. You will be stringing the sticks together with a wire. Therefore, if you want your wall decor to seem symmetrical, drill the holes in the same places. If you want a more whimsical, wall artwork, then attach the sticks at different levels.

Leave enough wire at the ends to join at the back and form a hook with which to hang your wall decor.

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