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6 Wall Decorations
You Can Make Yourself
Wall decor can add sophistication and beauty to a room in a way that a simple poster or cheap painting simply can't. But wall artwork is so very expensive. You might end up paying more for your wall decor than for your furniture.

And yet wall artwork can be easy to make if you choose the right idea, mix in a little imagination, and set your creative spirit free. So here are six wall decor projects easy enough for any art lover to create. And I'll start with this one, on the left.

#1. Personalized Wall Plaque

This wall decor idea is easy and versatile. You can use a favorite poem or a photograph of someone you love.

Begin by printing out the poem or portrait on a regular sheet of white paper. If you are creating wall decor with someone's photo, I recommend printing it in Sepia (which is an antique look).

Next brew some strong tea, then scrunch up the paper and dip it in the tea for 30 seconds. Next unfold the paper very carefully, so as not to tear it. Leave it to laying flat, to dry. Once dry, give your wall decor an antique, treasure map look by burning the edges, then scorching inner sections with the flames running beneath the page.

Add a ribbon to hang your beautiful wall decor. 

#2. An Abstract Painting

To create this wall decor, start by choosing the size of your canvas and three shades of oil paint.
Paint the canvas fully with one shade. Once dry, paint half the canvas (either length-wise, width-wise or diagonally) with another shade.

Next, before this layer is dry, take a comb and create streaks in the wet paint to expose the bottom shade with circles, lines or a loved one’s name.

Now paint the second half of the canvas with the last shade, and this time use a knife or a thin spatula to create thicker streaks on this side of your wall artwork.
For an even more complex wall decor, divide the canvas into four and use five shades.

Finally, frame your wall decor and enjoy the elegance it adds to your home.

#3. Wood Painting

This wall decor is earthy in tones. Instead of canvas take a slab of plywood. The more texture to the wood, the better.

Cut the plywood to the size you wish this wall decor to be. Condition the plywood with pre-stain wood conditioner.

Once dry, take a pencil and draw abstract waves, to form a total of four distinct areas. Stain each wave in a different shade and even one on top of another, for added depth in your wall artwork. Just be sure the bottom stain is dry first. The more you stain each wave, the darker it will be, which will make your wall decor more elegant.

Create a picture frame from 2x4 inch (or wider) wood planks wrapped in rough fabric. This wall decor is perfect for a kitchen or dining room.

#4. Cloth Wall Artwork
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