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4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Bathroom on a Small Budget

4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Bathroom on a Small Budget

Without spending a fortune, create the illusion of a brick wall, add color and style to your bathroom and give it a fresh, modern appeal.

Over the years I've discovered 4 sure ways to spruce up a bathroom without spending a fortune. The trick is to use what's already there but with a different color palette. In addition, even with a small budget you can create the illusion of decorating your bathroom with a brick wall or a modern vanity. So let's get started.

Paint Old Cabinets

Spruce up your old bathroom cabinets on a budget by priming them with water-based primer. This will condition the surface for painting. Next, use semi-gloss latex paint to coat the surface with a beautiful, fresh layer of color. Finally, use sealer to protect the dry paint from scratches or water damage.

Bathroom decorating on a budget
Use Whimsical Colors

This simple bathroom looks all spruced up thanks to the lime-and-orange color palette. Be sure to repeat your chosen colors in the floor rug, art and towels.
spruce up your bathroom without spending a fortune
Paint a Faux Brick Wall

To spruce up your bathroom on a budget and give it a European country feel, create the illusion of a faux brick wall. Dip a rectangular sponge in three colors: red brick, black, and coffee. Smear the colors together a little, then press the sponge to the wall. Keep pressing the sponge in a line (re-dipping in the paint as you go), leaving a faux grout seam between each imprint. When you start the second row, print a half brick first, then continue with full ones.
Ways to decorate your bathroom

Spruce Up Your Bathroom with a Curtain

Decorate your bathroom with a new shower curtain that has a unique personality. Then keep the curtain closed at all times. And if the bathroom is small, choose a slightly sheer curtain that will still leave the depth of the shower showing through the decorative shower curtain.

Tip: Add Flowers

You can spruce up your bathroom on a budget by simply adding flowers to it. Place orchids on the vanity to reflect in your mirror. Hang English Ivy in sconces on your bathroom wall. Or spruce up your bathroom with fresh cut flowers displayed on the window ledge.

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