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10 Small, Soothing
Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Add a little comfort to your bathroom without too much work. Small bathroom decorating ideas add a splash of color here, a beautiful object there—and suddenly your drab bathroom feels inviting. Spoil yourself a little with these small, soothing bathroom decorating ideas.

1. Ribbon Power

Don’t leave your shower curtain hanging loose. Instead, install a swag hook in the middle of the wall, where the curtain meets with the wall. Then tie a large loop in a beautiful silk ribbon and use it to lasso your shower curtain sideways to hook on the swag hook. Then festoon the top of the curtain elegantly over the ribbon, to complete this soothing bathroom decorating idea.

2. Scent of a Lady

Cluster your old perfume bottles on a windowsill, where the sunlight can stream through the bottles. But don’t keep your good perfume bottle in the light, because daylight will spoil it. If you don’t have enough bottles, just buy cheap perfume that you wouldn’t dream of wearing. And to complete this Victorian-like bathroom decorating idea, hang a lace napkin behind the bottles by attaching a glass suction hook to the window.

3. Bowl of Petals

You can pick up a white porcelain bowl in an antique store for just a few dollars. Fill the bowl with potpourri and top the pile with a silk flower, to display beside your perfume bottles. You can also fill the bowl with water and float rose petals in it.

4. Soapy Butter

Instead of the soap dish that gets coated in soap gunk, place your soap bar inside a large covered butter dish. Try to find one in white porcelain to match your bowl of petals. And if you can a find liquid soap dispensers in the same color buy one as well.

5. Rack and Roll

This bathroom decorating idea imitates the atmosphere of a spa. Buy a small white mantle shelf and mount it on your bathroom wall. Roll your towels and keep three of them stacked on the shelf. Or stack your rolled towels on your toilet.

6. Basket Case

Gather your bathroom clutter into three or four white baskets. Choose lidded baskets for open display or open ones if you can hide the baskets away. Keeping your baskets on an open shelf will certainly decorate your bathroom. But even if you open a cabinet and find them, you’ll feel as if you are in a soothing spa.

7. Light My Way

On a white porcelain plate, cluster thick candles in a range of heights and colors. Try to match the colors to the rest of your bathroom, creating an earth-toned ensemble for example, or a purple-violet-lilac collection. Then turn this bathroom decorating idea into a soothing experience by lighting the candles when you soak in the bath.

8. Bathrobe Luxury

Pamper yourself with a cushy white bathroom, then hang it on the wall of your bathroom with a swag hook. The bathrobe will both decorate and add a sense of luxury to your bathroom.

9. Salty Sensation

Fill three glass jars with three colors of bath salts in alluring fragrances. Display your salts on your bathtub, as an invitation for you to soak and wash your cares away. Never was a bathroom decorating idea so soothing!

10. Take a Load Off

Finally, add a seat to your bathroom. I have a low cabinet in my bathroom, on which I have placed luxurious pillows. Perhaps you can add a wooden stool in a corner. You can even bring an outdoor plastic chair indoors for a whimsical touch. Remember that you can always spray paint an ugly old chair to make it a beautiful bathroom decorating addition.
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